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    A couple of weeks back, I was at my friend’s place for Christmas. We were smoking on his balcony, suddenly, we felt that the air around was extremely polluted. In the city where we had lived for over 26+ years, we felt we had to make a change at


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    I am offended ! I am offended by the offends you take offended by the assumption-cake you bake offended by the morals you police offended by free speech, the free speech that lets you oppress others offended by thoughts, the thoughts that are hypocritical in nature. I am offended

    Decoding your leads during Sales meetings

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    There are a thousand things that a person in sales needs to be good at. But according to me, the most important skill is to decode the true intention behind what your lead/client is trying to communicate either from what he says or what he does.   #1 We

    Travel diaries: The mountain plan

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    Rewind! 5 years back, I was this kid right out of college and I had this dying temptation to take a break and travel a bit before I get into my monotonous work life. Practically speaking in India, a break is a big deal- no company wants to hire

    You just got married na?

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    So I got married last year and I must confess that life has been extremely different ever since. Every aspect of my life has changed. Like, I have to now wake up and brush my teeth first thing in the morning, wash my hands after peeing and even lower

    Life of You

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    Imagine you put your heart and soul into your company. You have been one of its top employees. You even played a pivotal role in acquiring its top clients. You are the rockstar that people couldn’t enough off. There wouldn’t go a day when you weren’t the centre of

    Feminism, will you be my valentine?

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    I love feminism Feminism is absolutely awesome, it is like meditation. I think we should all practice it for 15 minutes everyday. Just to add that extra star to your good karma. I repeat feminism is like meditation. The only difference being the swap that happens between the words

    Ray of Dope

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    Cannabis/weed/dope/marijuana, many names but only one use- to get imprisoned. Even after proving its varied medicinal properties and uses, the psychoactive drug remains illegal in most countries of the world. The only way Marijuana can kill is when a person named marijuana kills someone.   You are my favorite paradox  

    Funny boys called media

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      ‘Open letter to media’ would have been an apt headline. But since this is on the internet and free for anyone to read, screw it. Funny boys called media is less generic. Are we more easily “outraged/ intolerant” than we used to be? I don’t think so, but

    Football played using fingers!

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    Hey you! Yes, I am talking to you. Do you steal? I heard you got your son an iPad even before he turned 8.  And you even installed your favorite sport on it so that he could rub onto your interest as well. Didn’t you? How is that going