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    Startup. Mobile Wallet. Positioning. Global disruption.

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    A couple of weeks back, I was at my friend’s place for Christmas. We were smoking on his balcony, suddenly, we felt that the air around was extremely polluted. In the city where we had lived for over 26+ years, we felt we had to make a change at


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    I am offended ! I am offended by the offends you take offended by the assumption-cake you bake offended by the morals you police offended by free speech, the free speech that lets you oppress others offended by thoughts, the thoughts that are hypocritical in nature. I am offended

    Decoding your leads during Sales meetings

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    There are a thousand things that a person in sales needs to be good at. But according to me, the most important skill is to decode the true intention behind what your lead/client is trying to communicate either from what he says or what he does.   #1 We

    You just got married na?

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    So I got married last year and I must confess that life has been extremely different ever since. Every aspect of my life has changed. Like, I have to now wake up and brush my teeth first thing in the morning, wash my hands after peeing and even lower

    Ray of Dope

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    Cannabis/weed/dope/marijuana, many names but only one use- to get imprisoned. Even after proving its varied medicinal properties and uses, the psychoactive drug remains illegal in most countries of the world. The only way Marijuana can kill is when a person named marijuana kills someone.   You are my favorite paradox  

    Friends without benefits

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    You are a girl. You are a guy. You were my kindergarten mate. You were my school mate. You were my college mate, we studied together, bunked classes together, got thrown out of class together. We worked together, we stayed together, we ate together, and we partied together. You

    Unfair World

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    Consider that you are a mother. You could have hated milk from birth, but you would be forced to drink at least 2 glasses of milk during pregnancy. Because if you don’t, your own baby will fucking suck the calcium out of your bones. Unfair it may seem, the

    The ComedyPreneur

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    It is very difficult to compare different career choices. But somehow I have always felt that being an entrepreneur is very similar to being a stand-up comedian. Persuading people to pay attention and to end their talk with that unexpected punch it the most important part of their job;

    You are not a Leader just because

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    You are not a Leader just because 1. you put forward the first point of the Group discussion. 2. you ask the other members of the discussion what is their view on the topic. 3. you read the biography of Steve jobs or watched social network. 4. your psychometric

    Grandmother: Cultural roots

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         People say that sport is a great leveler, I disagree. According to me, grandmothers are the greatest levelers. Who else has the nerve to call an expensive curved phone a defective piece? My grandmother, maternal to be precise, born and brought up in a small beautiful town