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    Life of You

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    Imagine you put your heart and soul into your company. You have been one of its top employees. You even played a pivotal role in acquiring its top clients. You are the rockstar that people couldn’t enough off. There wouldn’t go a day when you weren’t the centre of

    Football played using fingers!

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    Hey you! Yes, I am talking to you. Do you steal? I heard you got your son an iPad even before he turned 8.  And you even installed your favorite sport on it so that he could rub onto your interest as well. Didn’t you? How is that going

    Why MS Dhoni should be left alone?

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    I don’t think anyone knows Dhoni, I even think he doesn’t want anyone to know. Being a cricket enthusiast and a lover Indian cricket, I observed a large number of people treating the sport way too emotionally. And in that emotional theatre, Dhoni plays a superman, no doubt that