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    I am offended ! I am offended by the offends you take offended by the assumption-cake you bake offended by the morals you police offended by free speech, the free speech that lets you oppress others offended by thoughts, the thoughts that are hypocritical in nature. I am offended

    Life of You

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    Imagine you put your heart and soul into your company. You have been one of its top employees. You even played a pivotal role in acquiring its top clients. You are the rockstar that people couldn’t enough off. There wouldn’t go a day when you weren’t the centre of

    12th exams are important. No shit Sherlock!

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    So you got your public exam result today. And I know you are unhappy. You believe that you could have done a bit better. I know that you think you are the only unluckiest person around. You feel ashamed. Your parents expected a lot of you. You wouldn’t be

    The Forgotten choice

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    Let’s take up an exercise before you read further. Spare a few moments from your routine and think -‘What do you want to be in 2020?’… Let’s see, maybe you want to be a highly paid engineer, the owner of your own business or a few ambitious ones might

    Broken Wings

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    Disclaimer: Bosses, family friends and relatives are the best things that can happen to you. Left parents out intentionally because, they are the best things that make you happen. Any resemblance to living things is purely coincidental. But if the shoe fits, feel free to wear it. Though, I