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    Travel diaries: The mountain plan

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    Rewind! 5 years back, I was this kid right out of college and I had this dying temptation to take a break and travel a bit before I get into my monotonous work life. Practically speaking in India, a break is a big deal- no company wants to hire

    Feminism, will you be my valentine?

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    I love feminism Feminism is absolutely awesome, it is like meditation. I think we should all practice it for 15 minutes everyday. Just to add that extra star to your good karma. I repeat feminism is like meditation. The only difference being the swap that happens between the words

    Funny boys called media

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      ‘Open letter to media’ would have been an apt headline. But since this is on the internet and free for anyone to read, screw it. Funny boys called media is less generic. Are we more easily “outraged/ intolerant” than we used to be? I don’t think so, but

    Football played using fingers!

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    Hey you! Yes, I am talking to you. Do you steal? I heard you got your son an iPad even before he turned 8.  And you even installed your favorite sport on it so that he could rub onto your interest as well. Didn’t you? How is that going

    And then she exchanged a smile!

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    June 9, 1990  10:00 AM   I was having a very bad day at work! Not that my tasks was tedious. My day was bad if getting shat on by a crow during office hours counts as work. I cleaned myself up and walked into my cubicle. All my colleagues

    Friends without benefits

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    You are a girl. You are a guy. You were my kindergarten mate. You were my school mate. You were my college mate, we studied together, bunked classes together, got thrown out of class together. We worked together, we stayed together, we ate together, and we partied together. You

    What are the five things you like most about India?

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    Answer by Vibin Baburajan: 1. Diversity- India is diverse in every aspect. Right from food, people and weather.2. Desserts-Indians are the sweetest people around.3. Affordable- India is among the top affordable places to live when compared to the rest of the world.4. We are filthy, but you love us-

    What your boss actually means

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    He says:               Do it at the earliest. He means:            Do it before my manager asks me. He says:               Do the needful. He means:            You are all alone. I am not going to help you. He says:              

    Monsoonish love story

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    The monsoon had started and I was standing outside my office building waiting for the rain to stop so that I could go home. A pretty girl was walking towards my building so slow that it was evident she gave a damn about getting drenched. Like any normal Indian

    49 reasons why Moms are amazing

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    1.       Because no one would ever take up a job which expects them to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year with no hikes or incentives. 2.       Because if men were the ones giving birth, we would have bears not babies. 3.