Football played using fingers!

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Hey you! Yes, I am talking to you. Do you steal?

I heard you got your son an iPad even before he turned 8.  And you even installed your favorite sport on it so that he could rub onto your interest as well. Didn’t you? How is that going for you?

Oh! He could even paint a picture on the iPad? How wonderful is that. To paint without any stains on his clothes or hands.

Do you remember the days when we were kids? Those days when we used to get up early on Sunday to get the best pitch in the public grounds.  We hardly had any place to stand but we still end up finding a place to play.

I am sure you have not forgotten the thrill of asking a rival team for a match, the way we never cared about the age or the talent of the opposition. Or even the most important aspect of all, the fear of a humiliating defeat. Because, neither we had an option to choose the difficulty level of a game nor we could never restart a game when we had started badly. We believed in winning any opponent rather than choosing an opponent whom we can beat.


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But now your kid enjoys playing a team sport all alone on his gadget, and you are happy about that?

I wake up from my sleep, telling myself over and over again that it is just a dream. I run towards my child, hug him and ask him what his favorite sport is? He looks at me with his big eyes and tells me ‘FIFA 14’.  My heart races and feel numbness in my hands and feet.  With a great amount of fear, I ask him, ‘Why don’t we play some football?’  He jumped out of the couch thoroughly excited.  I quickly get a ladder to get his boots from the loft.  Hurriedly I explore the cardboard labeled footwear and to my surprise, I found my boots, the boots which I used during my college days, the boots which I used when I won the inter college tournament.  Ah those days, those were the days, I said to myself.

Then it struck me, I took out my mobile phone and formed a Whatsapp group ‘Football like the old days’.

‘Guys in for a match at 6 PM?’

After 20 minutes, 12 messages received ‘In.’

I couldn’t control my joy, and then I typed ‘Bring your kids along’

In total about 10 of my friends and 6 of their kids turned up. As soon as we reached the ground, I collected all our mobile phones and kept it in my car. We split the ground into two. We play in the far end while the kids used the other end. After playing for 20 minutes, we stopped the match gasping for air; the big bellies weren’t helping either.

Curious, we walk to the other end of the field to watch our kids play. They seem to have infinite energy and I have never seen my kid this happy in a few months. I couldn’t refrain from observing the way my son plays, I secretly feel proud because he passed the ball much more than the other children. I also saw him helping an opponent who just fell down.  And every time he lost possession, he pursued the ball like it has everything he ever wanted.

After an hour of tiring soccer, the kids decided to stop play and we decide to dine at our favorite eatery nearby. They had the best samosas with kissan ketchup. It still had the best samosas. Though the shop had changed a lot, the overall layout looked the same. When we were too busy discussing on how well the eatery has grown and our memories associated with it,  I overheard  a conversation between the children, ‘What time shall we play tomorrow?’


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