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‘Open letter to media’ would have been an apt headline. But since this is on the internet and free for anyone to read, screw it. Funny boys called media is less generic.

Are we more easily “outraged/ intolerant” than we used to be? I don’t think so, but then again, is there a way to tell? Let’s see.

Being a big lover of free speech, tolerance, memes and satire, Amir Khan’s incident caught my attention. I am sure most of you will share the same sentiments. Unfortunately our love for such incidents has been huge. Be it the Maria Sharopova or British airways incident, it looks like we are waiting to put someone down.

We also think it is fair to do so. It will always be fair until someone criticizes us or tells the truth about us. It is absolutely fair to feel like shit when being criticized. It is also equally fair to disagree with your critics.

But it isn’t fair to influence people negatively or to push your ideologies on them just to oppress someone who shared his opinion. Then that is not disagreeing, it is pure manipulation. This is what media is good at. To twist sentences in ways one wouldn’t dream of.

Though the above had to be said. The aim of this article isn’t that, it is to let people voice their opinion without fearing a beefed up outrage.


Satire and sarcasm are entirely different from oppression. I have had my fair share of jokes on Amir Khan and I still enjoy the jokes.


Mother of paradox

“Okay, be quiet and prove Amir wrong.

But if he is wrong, we must protest.

But if we protest, we make him right.

But if he is right, we should be quiet.

But if we are quiet, Amir was wrong.

But if he was wrong, we must protest”


That said, jokes don’t involve cheap insults and pointless comparisons. I also don’t enjoy things being blown out of proportion just because a person/celebrity expressed his opinion. Like every citizen, he has his right to voice his opinion in a respectable manner.

If you don’t like his opinion, make fun of it and laugh at it instead of abusing the person, instead boycotting movie and other crazy shit. Speaking of which, uninstalling an app just because a guy you hate its brand ambassador is like refraining from eating food because it turns into shit in you excretory system; it is like cursing matrimonial websites just because your wife doesn’t cook well.

Still there will be people who will use bad language, who will uninstall apps, change display pics, write open letters and manipulate what you said. They aren’t worth anyone’s time.


Imagine one day you wake up and update your status on Facebook- “I love curd rice”


What if after an hour, you find your status everywhere. On Television, social media and other networks with your statement being manipulated into

“He doesn’t like North Indian food?”

‘He hates people who eat beef’

‘He is a supporter of the Tam Brahm community’

‘He hates people who hate curd’


Not a happy sight right?

To the ones who support free speech, let’s be clear. We are allowed to disagree, to pass comments, to crack jokes. Remember we don’t have to be that way. We are educated; we are not all of India. We are not intolerant.


So are we really intolerant or are we being set up into it?



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