Life of You

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Imagine you put your heart and soul into your company. You have been one of its top employees. You even played a pivotal role in acquiring its top clients. You are the rockstar that people couldn’t enough off. There wouldn’t go a day when you weren’t the centre of attraction.

One morning you wake up and you are struck with a terrible disaster which keeps you from routine activities, let alone working. It sucks your physical strengths, tests your mental strength, stresses you to the core in every aspect of life.

You recover, though not completely, but to the best that your body would allow. You work so hard that you convince your company to bring you back, you are convinced that you are back and that you would belong. But the path is harder than one could ever imagine.

You try harder only to realise that the events had made an invisible dent to everything that came naturally, the things that once was as involuntary as breathing. You choke, you break, but you still keep trying while the same people who screamed your name can’t seem to look beyond your faults now.

The dents now grow even deeper, mentally and physically. People acknowledge your physical scars but none the mental ones. But you still didn’t stop trying and probably never will.

Very few men will ever last this long, so even if we can’t celebrate them, let’s not diss them.

There can be greater personalities, better leaders, quicker fielders, sweeter timers, world class entertainers. But there is and will be only one Yuvraj Singh.

He will fight back whether you like it or not. He will be back.

Tough Times Don’t Last, but Tough Men Do. Life of YouWe!

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