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I am offended !

I am offended by the offends you take
offended by the assumption-cake you bake
offended by the morals you police
offended by free speech, the free speech that lets you oppress others
offended by thoughts, the thoughts that are hypocritical in nature.
I am offended cos jokes offend you
cos you can laugh at everyone but you
cos you insist on taking life seriously
I am offended cos we only laugh at funny things, not at soft feelings
I am offended cos we only wanted to make you laugh.
– Comic

Story teller, budding writer and wannabe stand-up comic who likes to be called an Entertainer. Big believer of ‘Will over Skill’.
Electronics Engineer by degree, but Sarcasm Engineer by choice. Above all, a person who would do anything to put a smile on your face.

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