Ray of Dope

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Cannabis/weed/dope/marijuana, many names but only one use- to get imprisoned. Even after proving its varied medicinal properties and uses, the psychoactive drug remains illegal in most countries of the world.

The only way Marijuana can kill is when a person named marijuana kills someone.


You are my favorite paradox




you slow down my world yet increase my heart beat


you are so light to sway to the wind but hard enough to get me stoned


you make my eyes red but you never made me cry


you give me a good sleep but never a sick hangover


you go well with music, you go well with absolute silence


you go well with chocolates like you do with mirchi


you make me laugh so hard that you bring tears to my eye 


you set us free only to cage us by law


You are the freedom that a very few have the liberty to enjoy

In the midst of smoke, within you I found an amazing breath of fresh air.



weed benefits



Disclaimer: The author doesn’t abuse, promote or support dope in anyway. If you still feel that the views hurt your sentiments, sincerely fuck you 🙂



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