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A couple of weeks back, I was at my friend’s place for Christmas. We were smoking on his balcony, suddenly, we felt that the air around was extremely polluted. In the city where we had lived for over 26+ years, we felt we had to make a change at that very moment. We were so driven by the problem that we drove to our office in separate diesel cars to quit our jobs and to kick start our air purification startup.

Purification of air is not a natural process. It is a big problem which is waiting to be solved undergo global disruption.

We believed that we are going to change the way you breathe in fresh air. The way you look at air. The way you inhale. Basically, we are going to disrupt the human body and the way it breaks down into oxygen.

We always wanted to take on a huge problem and disrupt it. Our aim to provide clean air – which is everyone’s birthright. Air is free and we want to keep it free. That is why we work under the freemium model. We don’t charge you for the air you breathe. Instead, we charge you the machine you buy. Cos we believe in keeping the air free and our aim is to keep the air clean. If this isn’t disruption at its rawest form, what is?

Now we don’t charge you by cash because we want every Indian to have financial inclusion. We want money transfer to happen online. So we built a mobile wallet. Not for the commissions we get. Not because every company has one. But because we totally believe in abolishing black money. Yes, we are racist, in that term. Yes, we are the white milk in the black coffee, the white color in the crayon pack. No, we didn’t copy this from Steve Jobs. Steve jobs had pirates and he asked us to think different. We just ask you to be different.

Back to abolishing black money, the passion and satisfaction we get are immense. We pay for our daily supplies using passion and pay our employees with satisfaction. Because we don’t want people who don’t fit into our vision. So much so that we fire people who don’t use our product in their homes or the ones who don’t use our wallet. Simply because ‘true disruption begins at home’.

Our loyal employees, in fact, force us to transfer their salaries to their wallet so that they can buy stuff from that one retail shop that our investor owns. The shop can even be 50 kilometers from their home. But they insist on buying it from there because we as an organization believe in quality in everything we do. Simply because ‘true disruption begins with providing great quality at insanely high prices’.

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