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    Decoding your leads during Sales meetings

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    There are a thousand things that a person in sales needs to be good at. But according to me, the most important skill is to decode the true intention behind what your lead/client is trying to communicate either from what he says or what he does.   #1 We

    Feminism, will you be my valentine?

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    I love feminism Feminism is absolutely awesome, it is like meditation. I think we should all practice it for 15 minutes everyday. Just to add that extra star to your good karma. I repeat feminism is like meditation. The only difference being the swap that happens between the words

    And then she exchanged a smile!

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    June 9, 1990 ¬†10:00 AM   I was having a very bad day at work! Not that my tasks¬†was tedious. My day was bad if getting shat on by a crow during office hours counts as work. I cleaned myself up and walked into my cubicle. All my colleagues