The Forgotten choice

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Let’s take up an exercise before you read further. Spare a few moments from your routine and think -‘What do you want to be in 2020?’…

Let’s see, maybe you want to be a highly paid engineer, the owner of your own business or a few ambitious ones might want to be the CEOs of Google or Microsoft. If you weren’t so precise, you just would’ve thought that you want to be rich or famous or both.

But did you ever think, even for a split second, that you wanted to be ‘Happy’? How often do you find people saying they want to be the happiest people 5 years down the line?

We have the tendency to relate material things to happiness like money, success, fame, property, social status, grades, career and so many more things. Happiness takes the form of our goals which are shaped by the society. Our dreams are based on what kind of environment we grew up in and what kind of a person we really are. But it is so rare to find people who actually know who they are who are ready to accept themselves and feel comfortable in their own skins. Most people, be it students, businessmen or celebrities we all are running a rat race. The race thrives on comparison. We run every minute to make ourselves better than our competitors in all aspects. If we are better than a few others we feel a sense of victory which makes us confident. While, the feeling of inferiority makes us feel sad. The winner, somehow, derives contentment and happiness from the sense of pride and superiority. Why do most people feel that being rich will make them happy? Simply because it makes them feel powerful and superior.

If we just break out of the race, pause, and introspect just one day’s activities we will realize how that first cup of coffee with our loved one, an unexpected call from a friend, a good book/article, a good night kiss – all this made us much more happier than our appreciation at office. These are just a few common things; there might be your own set of little happiness capsules that you have overlooked or just didn’t value simply because these moments of joy are so entwined in your lives that we fail to understand their importance.

Let’s look at the bigger picture now. We are a part of a corporate or a business working day in and day out. We wait for our happiness dose till the weekends. I say why limit yourself. Life is full of possibilities; we just need to embrace it. Why not have fun in office, why not take initiatives, why not make new friends, why wait for the right time to call someone. Give them a surprise by dropping in. We all need surprises. Happiness comes in all shapes, sizes and forms and via all media. Let us try new things, leverage our abilities, and keep up if it makes you happy else give up and try something new. In the process we gain not only experiences but knowledge of who we are, what we like, and what gives us pleasure. We grow if we let life happen to us.

In the process of learning and growing up, everybody has to go through a rough patch. There are days of loss and days of suffering. These too have their role to play. Having experienced valleys of sorrow, summits of happiness become easy to identify. Nobody can jump from peaks to peaks. Each one of us ascends and descends the terrain. But while you’re in the ascent, remember you are in pursuit of happiness and not in pursuit of some embodiment of it. Remember that you want to be the happiest person 5 years down the line. If you work towards making a happy life I am sure you’ll make a happy living too.

Story teller, budding writer and wannabe stand-up comic who likes to be called an Entertainer. Big believer of ‘Will over Skill’.
Electronics Engineer by degree, but Sarcasm Engineer by choice. Above all, a person who would do anything to put a smile on your face.
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